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Design Your Story

Create dialogue branches, customise choices and write your story. Add many conditions to give your story that true dynamic feel and perfect your story by simulating and debugging your code and conditions.

Data Management

Manage all StoryDev-specific data in one place, fully customised to anything from Characters, Places of Interest and Items to Achievements and even Maps.

WYSIWYG Code Forms

Fed up with coding? Construct your code using a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface. Find the functions or conditions you are looking for and form the basis for your game.



Learn StoryDev

Learn how to use StoryDev and integrate your stories into your games with the StoryScript engine.

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About Us

After many years working with a variety of tools to write an interactive story, not one of those tools worked out. Whether it was Twine, Articy:Draft or Ren'Py, neither of them didn't quite make the grade for what was needed. And so, StoryDev was born, amalgamating the many years of knowledge and experience in story writing and bringing together all the necessary components and removing the needless clutter.

StoryDev is more than just another interactive story writer. It is passion, brought together by years of planning and research. Knowing what's right and what isn't.

If something is not right, it shouldn't belong. But it isn't just an interactive story writer, it brings together many other game development components needed to make your story truly shine and stand out above the rest.

Hell, it may even be possible to use StoryDev for animated shorts or even filmmaking.